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3 October, 2018

Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds Growing Review

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10 September, 2018
Og Kush Seedstockers

OG Kush and OG Kush Autoflower Medical Grown Under LED

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3 September, 2018
Big Bud Seedstockers

Big Bud Autoflower: THC rich weed, easy to grow with huge harvests

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16 August, 2018
Critical XXL Seedstockers

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower Grown Outdoors in Denmark

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27 July, 2018

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower farming in North Africa Review

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23 July, 2018

Sticky Monkey GG#4 Wins European Plant of The Year 2018

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29 June, 2018
White widow Seedstockers

White Widow Autoflower XXL Cannabis Harvest Growing Review

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5 June, 2018

AK420 Autoflower Seeds Grown Indoors Under LED Light

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