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13 May, 2021
canadian cancer paciens

A third of Canadian cancer patients use cannabis

A report from 2007-2016 states that one third […]
30 April, 2021
homegrown cup 2020

Blackberry Gum Auto: Winner of the Homegrown Cup 2020 “Best Variety for making BHO”

For a seed bank, winning a cannabis cup […]
30 April, 2021

Morocco to legalize the production and sale of cannabis for medical use

On march the 11th of 2021, Morocco approved […]
28 April, 2021
rastafari jamaica

Jamaica is experiencing a severe weed shortage

There is an inevitable association between Jamaica and […]
7 April, 2021
USA flag

US House of Representatives votes to end federal marijuana ban

During the Trump administration, former senator and current […]
31 March, 2021
mexico flag

Mexico could become the world’s largest cannabis market

In 2017, medicinal cannabis was legalized in Mexico. […]
30 March, 2021
NBA stops testing for marijuana

NBA stops testing for marijuana

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the NBA […]
25 March, 2021

Apple drops two new emojis for smoking weed

Is there a Weed Emoji? Emojis are digital […]